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DroppTV's Ai Shoppable Media Platform Partners with StarsIn

DroppTV's Ai Shoppable Media Platform Partners with StarsIn, the Premium Digital Media Platform that connects fans and brands directly with stars and celebrities!

New York based Media Tech innovator DroppTV announces a partnership with StarsIn. StarsIn brings a diverse and exciting celebrity network and user base to the Dropp technology ecosystem taking the StarsIn user experience to the next level. On the other hand, Dropp's proprietary technology will allow StarsIn app users to watch celebrity videos and shop or store the products and services they see in real time with just a click.

tarsIn is an incredibly innovative App based service out of the Middle East that provides subscribers with access to a large number of celebrities for a wide range of defined interactions. StarsIn’s highly structured framework has created an organized platform for interactions that can happen in the physical world or in the digital realm.

DroppTV is a new, global, shoppable media company that is challenging the current media and e-commerce industries. Their platform is the next generation of digital media interaction, powered by an advanced a.i. video analytic technology. It allows all content, including live media, to be instantly shoppable from any smart screen.

DroppTV MD Chris Kelly said of the partnership: “We are excited and honoured to be exploring the many synergies we see between DroppTV and StarsIn.”

StarsIn Co-Founder and CEO Hamid Dakhil added: "StarsIn is about taking that relationship among Fans, Brands and their beloved Stars to an entirely new level with a clear focus on Experience and Monetization. We are eagerly looking forward to this partnership and to the enormous possibilities lying ahead of us.”

It is obvious that, both Dropp and StarsIn are incredibly enthusiastic about their upcoming partnership and equally excited about the synergies that their technologies have.

About DroppTV:

DroppTV is a global, shoppable media company enabling a direct retail opportunity. Advised by Merchant Bank SDKA North America, the DroppTV management team consists of both disrupters and experienced c-suite professionals who collectively have launched multiple startups; authored one of the foundational coding languages [Java]; patented several technologies; and converted to the blockchain some of the largest companies in the world. Andy McCartney (Microsoft, Microsoft Ventures, White Space) and Harpreet Geekee (Nortel, Cisco, Juniper Networks) intend to flip the digital content industry on its head with this premier, interactive, direct-to-consumer experience that seamlessly fuses the entertainment, e-commerce and fashion industries.

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